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Cubic Centimeters and Milliliters

A cubic centimeter (cm³) and a milliliter (ml) are both units of volume in the metric system. They are commonly used in scientific, medical, and technical contexts.

Cubic Centimeter (cm³)

A cubic centimeter is the volume of a cube each side of which is 1 centimeter long. It is a very small unit and is often used to measure the volume of solids and liquids in circumstances where larger units would be impractical.

Milliliter (ml)

A milliliter, on the other hand, is a unit often used to measure the capacity of liquids in containers. It is extensively used in everyday life, such as in recipes, as well as in laboratories and other scientific settings.

The key thing to know is that these two units are directly equivalent: 1 cm³ is equal to 1 ml. This makes it easy to convert between the two units. Although they represent the same volume, the choice between cm³ and ml can depend on the context, such as the field or custom.

1 cm³ = 1 ml

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