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Joules and Kilowatt-hours


Joules is the standard unit of energy in the international unit system, better known as the SI system. The symbol for joule is 'J'. The unit is named after the English physicist James Prescott Joule.

One joule is equal to the energy used when a force of one newton moves an object one meter in the direction of the force. This can also be expressed as one joule is equal to one watt per second.

Joule is widely used in many different contexts, including electricity, mechanics, thermodynamics, and heat.


Kilowatt-hour, abbreviated as kWh, is a unit of energy widely used in the electricity sector. One kilowatt-hour is the amount of energy consumed in one hour by a load of one kilowatt.

Kilowatt-hour is a derived unit of energy, building on the basic SI units of meter, kilogram, and second. It is a convenient measure of daily energy consumption of household appliances and industrial machines, and is often used for billing by energy companies.

From Joules to Kilowatt-hours

Joules and kilowatt-hours both measure energy, but on different scales. One kilowatt-hour equals 3.6 million joules (or 3,600,000 J). Therefore, you can convert joules to kilowatt-hours by dividing the number of joules by 3.6 million.

1 joule = 0.00000028 kilowatt-hours

Conversely, you can convert kilowatt-hours to joules by multiplying the number of kilowatt-hours by 3.6 million.

1 kilowatt-hour = 3,600,000 joules

It is important to understand that although both units measure energy, they are used in different contexts. Joules is more commonly used in science and engineering, while kilowatt-hours is more commonly used in the electricity sector and in measuring energy consumption.

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