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Ares and Hectares

The Are

An are is a unit of area in the metric system, equal to 100 square meters. It is often used in land measurement to describe the size of a piece of land. The term "are" comes from the Latin word "area", which means "open space" or "plain".

An are is a standard unit in the metric system and is internationally recognized. Although it is a standard measure, its use in some countries is less common than in others. It is particularly common in the real estate sector and in agricultural areas.

The Hectare

A hectare is also a unit of area in the metric system, and is equal to 10,000 square meters or 100 ares. The term "hectare" is derived from the Greek words "hekaton", which means "hundred", and "area", which means "land". Together, "hectare" means "one hundred ares".

The hectare is a widely used measure for large land areas, such as farmland and forest areas. In many countries, it is also used in the real estate sector to describe the size of large plots of land.

The Ratio between Ares and Hectares

As mentioned earlier, one hectare is equal to 100 ares. This means that if you have the number of ares and you want to convert this to hectares, you must divide the number of ares by 100.

1 are = 0.01 hectare

Conversely, if you have the number of hectares and you want to convert this to ares, you must multiply the number of hectares by 100.

1 hectare = 100 ares

1 Hectare 1 Are


  • A football field is about 1 hectare or 100 ares in size.
  • A typical residential plot in an urban setting can be about 2-5 ares in size.

  • In summary, both the are and the hectare are useful units of measure for measuring land areas. Although they are not equally common in all contexts, they are widely used in agriculture, land measurement and real estate.

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