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Calculating your school report

A school report is a formal document that reflects a student's performance over a certain period. It's an essential tool for both teachers and parents to track a student's progress. But how is such a report calculated?

Gathering grades

The process starts with collecting grades for each subject the student takes. These grades can come from various sources, such as:

  • Tests and exams: These are usually the main components of a school report. They provide a direct measurement of what the student has learned.
  • Homework and assignments: These can be both written and oral and give the teacher an idea of the student's daily performance.
  • Participation and attendance: Although these aren't always expressed in numbers, they can influence the final grade, especially if participation is a significant part of the lesson.

Weighting grades

Not all grades carry the same value. For instance, a final exam might weigh more than a weekly quiz. Schools often have a set weighting system that determines how much each type of assessment contributes to the final grade.

Calculating the average

Once all grades are collected and the weightings determined, the average is calculated. This can be as simple as adding up all the grades and dividing them by the total number of grades, or more complex if there are different weightings.

Conversion to a report grade

Many schools use a standardized system to convert grades into report grades. For example, an average of 90-100 might be considered an 'A' or 'Excellent', while an 80-89 might be viewed as a 'B' or 'Good'.

Feedback and comments

In addition to grades, school reports often also contain comments from teachers. These comments provide context to the grades and offer insights into the student's strengths and weaknesses, as well as recommendations for improvement.

Final assessment

Some schools also add a final assessment, such as 'Passed' or 'Not passed', based on the student's overall performance level.


Calculating a school report is a meticulous process that takes into account many factors. The aim is to provide an accurate and fair representation of a student's academic performance. While grades are important, it's essential to remember that they represent just one aspect of a student's overall educational experience. Feedback, self-reflection, and continuous improvement are equally important for academic success.

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