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Power Calculator

Calculate the electrical power


How to calculate electrical power?

Calculating electrical power is a fundamental task in the world of electrical engineering. Electrical power refers to the rate at which electrical energy is transferred or consumed in an electrical circuit. It's an essential measure of how much work can be done in a certain amount of time.

The formula for calculating electrical power

Electrical power (P) is calculated using the formula P = VI, where V is the voltage (in volts) and I is the current (in amps). This formula is also known as the 'power formula'.

Voltage can be seen as the pressure propelling the electric charge, while current is the amount of electric charge flowing through the circuit. The product of these two quantities gives us the power, typically expressed in watts (W).

How electrical power is used

Understanding electrical power is essential for designing and analyzing electrical systems and circuits. Whether it's sizing generators in a power plant or determining the right type of battery for a portable device, calculating electrical power plays a central role.

In a practical context, for instance, if we want to calculate how much it costs to use a certain electrical appliance, we would first calculate the appliance's electrical power. By multiplying this by the time the appliance is used, we get the total energy consumed by the appliance, which can then be multiplied by the energy price to calculate the cost.


Let's say, for example, we have a lamp that consumes 60 watts and we want to know how much electricity it consumes when on for 5 hours a day. We would first take the power of the lamp (60 watts) and multiply it by the amount of time it is on (5 hours), giving us a total of 300 watt-hours. If our electricity supplier charges us 20 cents per kilowatt-hour, we would then convert this to kilowatt-hours (0.3 kWh) and multiply by the price per kilowatt-hour, giving us a daily cost of 6 cents.


Calculating electrical power is a fundamental aspect of electrical engineering and a useful skill for anyone working with electrical systems. While the basic formula is simple, its applications can be very complex, depending on the specific electrical system being studied. Nevertheless, it's an essential tool in every electrical engineer's toolkit.

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