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Converting Kelvin to Celsius -
Converting Celsius to Kelvin

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Kelvin and Celsius

Definition and Origin

Kelvin and Celsius are two units used to measure temperature.

Celsius, also known as degrees Celsius (°C), is a unit of temperature on the Celsius scale. This scale is derived from the Kelvin system, where the freezing point of water is defined as 0 degrees Celsius and the boiling point as 100 degrees Celsius, under standard atmospheric conditions. This unit is named after the Swedish astronomer Anders Celsius.

Kelvin (K) is the base unit of temperature in the International System of Units (SI). It is an absolute temperature scale, which means it has no negative values. The absolute zero point (0 K) on the Kelvin scale is the lowest possible temperature, where all thermal movement stops. This unit is named after the Scottish physicist and engineer William Thomson, 1st Baron Kelvin.

Ratio and Conversion

Kelvin and Celsius use the same intervals, which means that a change of 1 Kelvin is equivalent to a change of 1 degree Celsius. However, the Kelvin scale starts at absolute zero (0 K), which is equivalent to -273.15 °C. Therefore, the formula to convert Celsius to Kelvin is:

K = °C + 273.15

Conversely, to convert Kelvin to Celsius, the formula is:

°C = K - 273.15


The Celsius scale is often used in everyday life and in most scientific applications, especially in areas related to earth sciences.

The Kelvin scale, on the other hand, is mainly used in areas of science and engineering that deal with heat, and in scientific applications where absolute temperatures are important, such as in the study of particle movement and in low-temperature research.

Conversion Table

Celsius Kelvin

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