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Calculating the volume of an object in cubic meters (m³) is an essential part of many mathematical, physical, and engineering tasks. It indicates how much space an object occupies in three-dimensional space.

First, we need to know what a cubic meter is. A cubic meter is the SI unit of volume and is defined as the amount of space occupied by a cube with an edge length of one meter.

Different types of objects have different formulas for calculating their volume. Let's discuss some of the most common shapes:


The volume of a cube is straightforward to calculate. Since all sides of a cube have the same length, you raise the length of one side to the third power to get the volume in cubic meters. That means:

V = side³

An everyday life example is a dice. If a dice has an edge length of 1 cm, it has a volume of 1 cm³ (or 0.000001 m³ since there are 1,000,000 cm³ in a m³).

Rectangular Prism

A rectangular prism, also called a cuboid, is an object with six rectangular sides. The volume in cubic meters is calculated by multiplying the length, width, and height.

V = l x w x h

An everyday example of a rectangular prism is a bookshelf. If a bookshelf is 2 meters tall, 1 meter wide, and 0.5 meters deep, it has a volume of 1 m³.


A sphere is a perfectly round object. To calculate the volume in cubic meters, multiply 4/3 by pi (about 3.14159) and the radius of the sphere raised to the third power.

V = 4/3πr³

An example of a sphere in daily life is a basketball. With a radius of about 0.12 meters (12 cm), a basketball has a volume of approximately 0.007 m³.


The volume of a cylinder, which has a circular base and a certain height, is calculated by multiplying the area of the base (pi times the radius squared) with the height.

V = πr²h

An example of a cylinder is a drinking cup. If the cup has a height of 10 cm (0.1 m) and a radius of 4 cm (0.04 m), the cup has a volume of about 0.005 m³.

It's important to note that for all these calculations, if you want the volume in cubic meters, you must make sure all your measurements are also in meters. For instance, if you have measurements in centimeters, you need to convert them to meters (1 meter is 100 centimeters) before calculating the volume.

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